Eric's Buddy

Jackie consoling Kelso about his lack of time spent with Eric.

Originally aired December 6, 1998

Episode Summary
Eric's new buddy, Buddy, puts the moves on him.  Kelso and Hyde are jelous because of all the time Eric is spending with Buddy, and feel they're being neglected.  Red makes his first sale since he started working at Bargain Bob's.  


On December 8, 1976 the song voted number one on WABC radio was "Tonight's the Night" by Rod Stewart. 

Those 70's Refrences

+The gang is watching Giligan's Island in the basement, a show about a group of people stranded on an island.  Without a single luxery. 

+Donna calling Hyde and Kelso "Shaggy and Scooby" is a reference to that crazy cartoon we all know and love, Scooby Doo.   Scooby and Shaggy the stoner dog/human buddies.  If you don't think a dog can be a stoner, you've obviously never seen Scooby Doo

+Hyde wears a Bruce Lee shirt at one point in the show.  Bruce Lee was a martial artist who was in a ton of kung-fu movies in the 70's. 

+The movie Eric and Buddy went to see was Carwash...hence Eric saying "I never knew a carwash could be so much fun".

+Hyde makes a reference to Lassie because Kelso's worrying about Timmy, er, Eric.

Guest Whores
Joseph Gorden Levvitt as Buddy Morgan; Eric's uh...pursuiter, and Mitch Hedburg as Frank from the know, the guy who did not lose a leg in Vietnam.

Clothes I Want
Kelso's jacket as well as Eric's, and the first shirt Donna wears. 

Favourite Quotes

"Where the hell is Forman, man?   This isn't like him."  -Hyde
"I'm really starting to get worried.   What if something happened to him?"  -Kelso
"Nothing happened to him."   -Hyde
"What if he's lost, or hurt?"   -Kelso
"Calm down Lassie, I'm sure Timmy's just fine."  -Hyde

"Maybe we should check the school morgue."  -Kelso
"Kelso, the school doesn't have a morgue."  -Hyde
"Then what do we pay all those taxes for?!"  -Kelso
"You know what kills me?  You do better in school than I do."  -Hyde

"Oh they are finally getting off the island." -Fez
"No Fez, they're not getting off the island."   -Eric
"But they have a coconut radio, what can go wrong?   Ooooh Giligan..." -Fez

"Oh there you guys are, where have you been?"   -Eric
"Where have we-- where have you been?!  We've been worried sick about you!" -Kelso
"We had to walk all the way here, man, my feet are killing me!"  -Hyde
"Are your fingers broken?!  You can't use a phone?!" -Kelso
"You know it's freezing outside?  And I'm wearing my uncle's boots so know I have a blister." -Hyde

"I guess it's my fault, I gave Eric a ride home..." -Buddy
"Get outta my chair!"  -Hyde

"All I know is I'm tired, and I never want to walk anywhere again." -Kelso
"Michael, walk me home."  -Jackie
"Okay." -Kelso

"Okay, what's your problem with Buddy?  He seems nice enough."  -Donna
"Screw him, man.  I mean, he's got the money, the car, the family; the teachers like him, the counselers like him, everybody likes him; I hate him."  -Hyde

"When Buddy Morgan gets out of high school he's going to go to really good college.  And you know where I'm gonna be?  Sitting right here in my uncle's boots." -Hyde

"I don't see why you can't just serve us our food, Frank.  We are paying customers you know."  -Kelso
"I did not lose a leg in Vietnam so I could serve hotdogs to teenagers." -Frank
"You have both your legs, Frank." -Kelso
"Like I said, I did not lose a leg in Vietnam!"   -Frank

"It's that damn Buddy again.  You know he only hangs out with Buddy because he's got a TransAm."  -Hyde
"Well you guys only hang out with Eric 'cause of the Vista Cruiser and the basement." -Donna
"We've been friends with Forman since he was a kid, man.  Way before he had any of that stuff."  -Hyde
"Remember when he used to have that tree house and the go cart?"  -Kelso

"[after Buddy kisses Eric] You're gay!" -Eric
"Me?  I'm not gay." -Buddy
"You're not?  You just kissed me!" -Eric
"Okay, I'm gay." -Buddy

"Well we've been spending so much time together..."  -Buddy
"Because we're friends!  I've been friends with Hyde for years and I never put the moves on him."  -Eric
"I don't blame you, that guy's a jerk."   -Buddy
"Yeah, but that's not the reason!"  -Eric

"Do you want to listen to the radio?"  -Buddy
"Hey, I told you I wasn't gay!" -Eric

"Where's Buddy?"  -Donna
"Buddy got...busy."  -Eric

"As for sensitive...sometimes I just be downright mean."  -Eric
"You're so cute!"  -Buddy

Conspiracy Theory
No stoner scene, so no conspiracy.

When Fez says "Oooh Jiligan..." Eric looks like he's about to bust out laughing.  More obviously, Donna loses it when Hyde touches her leg as well as when Eric walks into the basement and kisses her towards the end of the eppy.  Hyde also seems to be laughing at Frank while they're in the Hub at one point.

A redder shade of hair
Dark golden brown.


ass.jpg (1030 bytes)

Deep Thoughts, by Red Forman
"Is this gonna end up in the bedroom?" 

The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Kelso
"We should check the school morgue."


"He is driving the firey chariot of the sun god."

"My gosh Buddy; with a car like that, you must be knee deep in whores."

"I call backseat!"

"He is 'popular'."  -Jackie
"Yes, and so obviously gay."