Prom Night

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Originally Aired March 7, 1999

Episode Summary
It's prom time, and Eric and Donna are anticipating they'll go all the way.  Jackie wants to go with Kelso, but he asks Pam Macy, so she guilts Hyde into going with her.  Midge is upset that Bob won't let her start her own greeting card company.


No specific date is given.

Those 70's References

+Mrs. Clark is played by Gloria Gaynor who had a big hit in the late 70's with the song she sings for Fez; "I will survive".

+Playing "Freebird" as the last song was pretty much a given in the 70's.  It was the prom song.

+Hyde's mum saying "They're all gonna laugh at you!" before the prom is a reference to the 70's movie Carrie in which a girl with telekinitic powers is taunted until she breaks.  Her mother says the same thing before her prom.

+The pose Hyde and Fez do in their prom picture is a spoof of the ubiquitous 70's television show Charlie's Angels.   Tanya Roberts, who plays Midge Pinciotti, was a cast member on the show.

Guest Whores
Fez's music teacher, Mrs. Clark, is played by Gloria Gaynor who was a huge disco singer in the late 70's.  Pam Macy is played by Jennifer Lyons, and Paul Connor guests as Timmy, the guy who chants outside of Donna and Eric's hotel room. If you think Timmy should come back, go here and find out how you can help.

Clothes I want

Not that I would wear any of these, but I think Eric's and Fez's prom tuxes kicked ass, and so did Donna's and Jackie's dresses.

Favourite Quotes

"I mean Donna and I could go--"   -Eric
"To the prom."  -Fez
"No, Fez, all the way."  -Eric
"All the way--to the prom." -Fez

***Fantasy Sequence***
"You're home already?  It's not even 10 o'clock!  You didn't have a plan, did you?  Kitty, he's home already!"   -Red
"Well Eric, you're just such a loser!"  -Kitty

"I am so mad at Bob. I'm trying to improve myself and he won't let me. Plus, he says my ideas are stupid." -Midge
"Oh well now that's the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it?"  -Kitty
"I'll say...what?!"  -Midge
"Gooood coffee."  -Kitty

"I want a fun job!" -Midge
"Ok, well, even with a fun job you steal have to deal with your boss." -Kitty
"You're right...I'll get a job as a boss!" -Midge
"Well now that is a sharp plan, Midge.  You just let me know how that goes." -Kitty

"Ok guys, guess who's taking Pam Macy to the prom??"  -Kelso
"Anyone with a quarter?"  -Hyde
"Me!" -Kelso
"Damn, and I had a quarter!"  -Fez

"Hey, I can take Jackie!"  -Fez
"Do it, Fez, and I'll kick your ass."  -Kelso
"Well, well, well.  Look who suddenly cares.  [Kelso punches his arm]  Ow, why did you hit me?  That was sarcasm!"  -Fez

"Proms are stupid." -Hyde
"Hyde what would you know, you've never even been to one."  -Eric
"Well I haven't been to the dentist either, but I don't have to go to know it's lame." -Hyde

"I know who I can ask to the prom!"  -Fez
"Oh boy! Who, Fez?!"  -Hyde
"The lucky lady English teacher!"  -Fez
"You can't take a teacher to the prom."  -Hyde
"Why not? She's always writing sexy comments on my homework. "Nice job", "Good effort", "See me", "I love you." Ok I made the last one up, but the other ones were real." -Fez

"What's important is he's better than you in every conceivable way."  -Jackie
"Well damn Jackie, that can be anybody!"  -Kelso

"Look Hyde, I know we've had our differences but--"  -Jackie
"Jackie we've had nothing but differences. In fact, don't we kind of hate each other?" -Hyde
"Yes, but this is the prom! [cries]"  -Jackie

"They're all gonna laugh at you!" -Edna
"Shutup, ma, you're making the night too damn special!" -Hyde

"What's the one thing people can't live without?"   -Midge
"Oxygen."  -Red
"No..."  -Midge
"No no no, that's true."  -Kitty

"Hey, it's Forman and Donna and they're gonna do it!   Forman! Forman! Forman! Forman!  Forman!  Forman! Forman! Forman! Forman!   Forman! Yeah!"  -Timmy

Conspiracy Theory

None in this eppy. 


When Fez is talking about asking his English teacher to the prom, all the guys are struggling not to laugh.  Just watch Eric or Hyde. 

When Eric and Donna are in the hotel room and he covers up the big stain on the bed, he doesn't cover it all the way.  I don't know why, but that's always bothered me.  It's not like the towel wasn't big enough!  Ok, I'll stop.

A Redder Shade Of Hair
Eric's hair is light brown. 

No whores!

No asses!  There weren't really any Eric and Red scenes, so that explains it.

Deep Thoughts By Red Forman
"You didn't have a plan, did you?"

The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Kelso
"Damn, Jackie, that could be anybody!"


"Eric, you looks like a pimp."