The Good Son

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Originally aired July 26, 1999

Episode Summary
Eric is ecstatic to have Hyde living in his house because he's doing all of Eric's housework.  That is, until he realises how boring Hyde has become.  The Pinciotti's are fighting a lot, and Donna is worried about divorce.   Red's war buddy visits, and Red is disgusted that the freako pervert gets everything he wants, while he works hard and still doesn't have a freaking corvette.


No information available, since the opening date is not specific enough.

Those 70's References

+Eric saying that Kitty is "superfly" is a most likely a reference to the popular 1972 movie, Superfly, about a drug dealer who decides to make a load of money and start a new life.  The soundtrack, mostly by Curtis Mayfield, was pretty high on the billboards fore a while there.

+Hyde is wearing a Led Zepelin shirt, which he's worn in at least one other eppy.  For those of you who are, well, morons, Led Zeppelin was one of the biggest rock bands EVER, especially in the 70's.  With songs like "Whole Lotta Love" and the ubiquitous "Stairway to Heaven" (the first song I ever learned to play on guitar, FYI), you really do have to be pretty dense to have never heard of them.

+McHale's Navy, besides making Eric feel sexy, was a television show that ran from 1962-1966.  Eric and Donna were obviously watching reruns of those goofy navy people. 

+Calling Hyde 'Hazel' is funny because Hazel is a maid's name.  The television show Hazel was on the air from 1961-1966, and it was about a maid that ran the household of a businessman's family.  Calling Hyde 'Alice' would also work, because Alice, as everyone on the planet earth knows, is the maid on The Brady Bunch.  Both shows were shown on the air in the 70's, in syndication, I think.

Guest Whores
Red's swinger pal, Bud, is played by Mitch Pileggi.   Gary Owens, as always, does the voiceover during the fantasy sequence.

Clothes I Want
The first two shirts Donna wears; one's black, the other one's blue I think.  Also, the shirt Jackie has one when her and Donna are hanging out in the basement.

Favourite Quotes

"Eric, have you been telling your mother she's not cool?  Well stop telling your mother she's not cool!"  -Red
"Fine mom, you're supafly"  -Eric

"Well since they won't let me watch them make out, can I watch you two make out?"  -Fez
"Sure."  -Kelso
"Michael!"  -Jackie
"I mean, no, Fez! *winks at Fez*"  -Kelso

"Well why don't you meditate over the sink and do the freaking dishes?!?"  -Bob

"You better watch out Eric.  'Cause it's aaaaall fun while you're making out on the couch.  But then they get bigger and...bitchier."  -Bob
"You're not gonna get bitchier, are you?"  -Eric
"Shutup." -Donna
"Ooooh no."  -Eric

"Ease back on the hooch, Kitty, you're getting a little loose."  -Red

"Eric, great job on the garage!" -Red
"Actually, Hyde did it." -Eric
"Well I should have known; it's actually clean.   Here you go."  -Red
"Thanks Red." -Hyde
"What did you do?" -Red
" you?  *puts out his hand*"  -Eric
"Well...*shakes his hand* I love you too." -Red

"I got a B."  -Eric
"You couldn't get an A."  -Red
"Aww honey, don't listen to him.  You did super.   And Steven, you did super duper."  -Kitty
"Why does he get a duper?"  -Eric

"You're only as smart as God made you; or didn't make you."  -Laurie
"Alright, Laurie, didn't you just flunk out of college?!" -Eric
"Hey, get bent!" -Laurie
"Wear a BRA!" -Eric
"Can we please not fight?" -Hyde
"*mimicking Hyde* Can we please not fight?"   -Laurie
"Can you please not suck??" -Eric
"Good one Eric." -Laurie
"Thank you."  -Eric

"Excuse me, um, Jackie?  When did you lose your soul?"  -Donna
"Cheerleading camp." -Jackie

"You almost done there Hazel?"  -Eric
"That's funny, 'cause Hazel is a maid."   -Kelso
"Or you could call him Alice, too."  -Fez

"Hey, whatever happened to the psychotic troublemaker we all know and love???  Put down the dishes and do something stupid and senseless right now!" -Eric

"Ohmigod, you're swingers." -Kitty

"Um, I left the iron on.  And the stove.  I left the iron on on the stove, which is also on, and that just can't be safe."  -Kitty

Conspiracy Theory
None, since Hyde just isn't the psychotic trouble maker we all know and love in this eppy.

When Fez has pop rocks in his mouth, Jackie is practically hysterical with laughter.  It doesn't look like it fits in with the scene.

A redder shade of hair
Eric's hair is a darkish brown.

Where are our whores?!?  None in this eppy.

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Deep Thoughts, by Red Forman
"Bud's a freako pervert, and he gets everything he wants.   I work hard, I raise a family, and what do I get??  A bowling ball in my tv!" 

The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Kelso
"I know something stupid we can do!"

"It is is popping in my mouth."

"You used to be my hero.  My lazy American hero."

"So, pretty tough with that scrubber in your hand, huh?"

"Ooooh...Hazel never talked like that!"