Drive In

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Originaly aired November 15, 1998.

Episode Summary
Eric and Donna go to the drive in, accompanied by Jackie and Kelso, much to Eric's dismay.  Red and Kitty try to put some spontineity back into their marriage.


No information available, since the date given in the opening is simply Saturday, 1976.

Those 70's References

+Kiss' Destroyer album is the one the Erdman's play backwards.  People found lots of 'hidden' messages when playing records backwards in the 60's and 70's.  The Beatles' Revolution #9 comes to mind....

+The movie All the President's Men was a highly critically aclaimed movie; I think it racked up some Academy Awards.

+The Omen is a movie about "a kid that's a devil, and they have to kill him".  I don't really know much about the movie, but I very much want to see it.

Guest Whores
Fez's host parents are played by Shannon Holt and Kevin Farely, who looks remarkably like his brother, Chris.

Clothes I want
The red jacket Donna wears at the drive in, and eric's shirt at the drive in is quit lovely as well.

Favourite Quotes

"You want your first makeout to be special.   Someplace romantic.  Like Ireland, or Disneyworld..." -Jackie
"Disneyworld?"     -Donna
"Right, sorry."     -Jackie

"Satan is your master, Fez.  Worship Satan!   Before you worship Satan, get him a cherry pop.  Get satan a cherry pop.   Get satan a cherry pop.  A pop, man, get me a pop.  Fez, man, get me a pop!"  -Hyde
"I'm sorry, I misunderstood."     -Fez
"Satan's second choice is rootbeer!"   -Hyde

"What the hell kind of resteraunt is this?!  You got eight people singing happy birthday, and no one can bring my wife a damn salad!"   -Red

Conspiracy Theory
"It's not the devil, man; it's congress.  They passed a scret law to put backward messages on our records, man.  They wanna kill rock 'n roll, because they know it makes us horny, man!"

You can see Hyde start to loose it when he's telling Fez that Satan's second choice is rootbeer.

A redder shade of hair
Eric's hair is an auburnish brown in this episode.   Hmm.

Fez just wasn't his whore loving self in this whores.

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Deep Thoughts, by Red Forman
"My wife didn't get all dressed up for a special night out so that she could make her own salad.  See, she could do that at home; for free."

The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Kelso
"Horror movies turn on chicks faster than porno...if only someone would like a porno horror movie."


"Farewell, sweet Dick."

"You, are a bitch."

"In my langauge the record just said 'I want to sex your monkey'.  Which I have never done."