Garage Sale

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Originaly aired September 28, 1999

Episode Summary
The Forman family has a garage sale because the plant is closing there's so much clutter.  Hyde makes "special" brownies to sell and they fall into the wrong hands.  Fez makes a move on Yackie Jackie.


Those 70's References

+Smokey and the Bandit was a movie about a race between the bandit and sherrif throughout a southern state in which the bandit continually makes a fool of the sherrif.  That's what my dad said, anyway...

+The Goodbye Girl was a movie about a divorced woman and her daughter and their troubled relationships with male actors. 

Guest Whores
Lynsey Bartilson as Tammy Sue; the girl whose father bought the piece of crap.

Favourite Quotes

"You moron, a girl movie's a makeout movie."  -Hyde
"Well then I'm in."  -Kelso
"Me too.  I will come and watch."  -Fez

"Oh Red, remember how bad Eric wanted these rollar skates?  Oh the yo yo...oooh!  You're plastic vomit!  I fell for that."  -Kitty
"Yeah, you wasted a lot of my money, son."  -Red
"Me and my damn childhood."   -Eric

"The gravy train has made its last stop."  -Red
"Ok, there was a gravy train?"   -Eric
"Yup, and you missed it."   -Red

"I have a great idea, you could sell lemonade."  -Kitty
"Mrs. Forman, I've thrown a lot of rocks at kids with lemonade stands.  And lord knows I hate a hypocrite..."  -Hyde

"People love brownies."  -Hyde
"No they don't..."  -Eric
"Oh they love my brownies!"  -Hyde

"Hey you know what has two thumbs and really likes brownies?  [points to himself with his thumbes] This guy."   -Kelso

"Hyde!  I'm asking you not to make these brownies!  I mean my mom and dad are...way too fat!"  -Eric

"I just happen to know you put the special ingrediant in these brownies."  -Kitty
"Special ingredient?!"  -Hyde
"I told him not to."  -Eric
"Yes.  Love!"  -Kitty
"Oh yeah, there's a whole big bag of love in there!"  -Hyde

"Grow up Eric, they're GI Joes."   -Laurie
"Yeah, GI Joes with kung-fu grip!   What a bitch...a-rooney-doony."  -Eric

"I like that word it.  It kind of pops. starts to lose its meaning after a's not even a word!  Hip...hip..."  -Red

"I jumped out of a cake once."   -Midge

"Take whatever you want!  It won't fill the hole in your life!"  -Red

"Dad you sold my car?!  How could you?!  Just what in the hell were you thinking?!"  -Eric
"I thought I was helping because you're always saying how you need money."  -Red
"For gas!  For the car!"   -Eric
"Don't yell at him!  Look, to be honest Red, we're a little dissappointed."  -Hyde
"I'm not gonna be running any more errands for you, pal."  -Eric
"You should have checked with us first, Red."  -Hyde
"You know how many times I rotated those tires?!"  -Eric
"You're not supposed to take things that aren't yours."  -Hyde
"I had stuff in the backseat.  Now that's just gone, mister."  -Eric

"You know how Fez rolls his R's?   Well...that's what he did in my mouth!"  -Jackie

"Guess what buddy?  There's a lesson in all this.  You know what that lesson is?  Why don't I just tell you what that lesson is.  You dance with Mary Jane, you get your toes stepped on."  -Eric

"Well, if it isn't Fez.  [imatating Fez]  I am Fez.  In my country we make out with our friends' girlfriends di da."  -Kelso

"What a bitch a rooney doony."   -Red

Donna just can't contain herself when Fez is grabbing her...but who would?

A redder shade of hair
Very light brown.  Topher probably spent a lot of time in the sun during the summer hiatus. 


Deep Thoughts, by Red Forman
"I sold it to a guy named Peter.  Peter Cottontail.   Hoppin' down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way!"

The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Kelso
" Someday I'm gonna own a restaurant and everything's gonna be special.  And when people say 'Hey Kelso, what's the special?' I'm gonna say 'everything!' "


"I'm lonely."

"Well I guess this is goodbye...girl."

"Well hello Yackie!" 

"[thinking] Did you see that Fez?   Yes you did!  She may be taking my popcorn but she knows there is more in my lap than that.  [dumps some popcorn out so that Jackie will have to reach in more]   She wants you old boy! Now's your chance!  Be smooth, think Ricardo Montalban.   Just turn, lock eyes, and go! [kisses Jackie.]"

"Could I have avoided this? Let's review. First, Jackie said I was funny. Next, she ate popcorn from my groin. Then, I sucked her face. Nope, it was meant to be."

"Your girlfriend gives me action in the pants."

"My point is you are a whore."