Understanding the Viewing Guide

For each eppy, there are various catagories.  I'll explain them so you have some idea of what the hell I'm talking about.

Episode Summary -A summary of what happened in the episode...duh.

Rating -My opinion of how good the show was.  The ratings are out of 5 fatso burgers.  So if it's really good, it gets 5 fatso burgers.  Pretty simple.

Historical -You know how it often says the date in the opening?  Well I figured it'd be cool to say something that happened on that day.  So that's what this is.

Those 70's References -Any reference to 70's pop culture.

Guest Whores -guests on the show.

Clothes I want -any article of clothing someone is wearing in the eppy that I wouldn't mind owning.

Favourite Quotes -I think that's pretty self-explanitory.

Conspiracy Theory   -Hyde's conspiracy during the table scene in the eppy.

Ooops!  -any mistakes I notice, like someone almost laughing.  I notice a lot of these...

A redder shade of hair -Eric's hair is always changing colour, so I thought I'd point out his hair colour in each eppy, because that's the kind of person I am...a dork.

Whoreometer -how many times Fez says 'whore'.

Ass-o-meter -how many times Red says ass.  I'm easily amused, shutup.

Deep Thoughts, by Red Forman -Red is very philosophical, and I wouldn't want anyone to miss out. 

The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Kelso -Kelso always has something witty to say...so there ya go.

Fezisms -Fez, too, always has something amusing to say.