Season 1

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1-1.The Pilot
1-2.Eric's Birthday
1-4.Battle of the Sexists
1-5.Eric's Burger Job
1-6.The Keg
1-7.That Disco Episode
1-8.The Drive-In
1-10.Sunday Bloody Sunday
1-11.Eric's Buddy
1-12.The Best Christmas Ever
1-13.Ski Trip
1-14.Stolen Car
1-15.That Wrestling Show
1-16.First Date
1-17.The Pill
1-18.Career Day
1-19.Prom Night
1-20.A New Hope
1-21.Water Tower
1-22.Punk Chick
1-23.Grandma's Dead
1-24.Hyde Moves In
1-25.The Good Son